Return of the '90s

May 12, 2017

Once a '90s babe, always a '90s babe. Honestly, one of my favorite trends that has come back around this year is rocking anything that was cool when I was a kid growing up. The Minnie hat I am wearing I actually got on a family trip to Disney when I was around 7 or 8 years old! My mom never let me buy the classic Minnie headband ears because I was constantly getting sun burnt on my scalp and face. So little mini Abby bounced around in her hat with floppy ears and sunscreen two inches thick on her face, but hey, at least I never suffered a burn in this hat! Plus clearly I love it so much, I haven't been able to part with it for 15+ years!

 I always feel so nostalgic whenever I sport my old school fanny packs, high waisted jeans, and chokers. And isn't that what fashion is all about, having fun and expressing what makes you feel good? I couldn't stop dancing around Art of Animation in this outfit because it just felt so ME. I think that's when you know you've found a good outfit, when you feel inspired to dance around or to make your own catwalk down the middle of your apartment (whilst carefully stepping over all of the other discarded clothing items and shoes on the floor around you, or maybe that's just me).

The number one question I got asked when I wore this outfit was: where did you get those jeans?! I got them from the Zara x Disney collection last summer! There were only two pairs left, and since the pants do run quite small, and I had to do some serious lunges in order to stretch out the jeans so I didn't feel like I was going to break the seams, but man oh man was it worth it! And now that I have worn them a couple of times, they fit like an absolute dream! Although these jeans are not available anymore, there are so many fun ways they could be DIY-ed! I actually have a pair of Levi shorts that I added a bunch of patches to after I bought theses jeans because I loved the look of them so much. Plus you can add your own flair and style by using your favorite characters or throwing some pins on too!

The shirt is from the new Uniqlo x Olympia Le-Tan Minnie Mouse loves dots collection and oh-my-lanta I adore it! The entire collection is so feminine and so fun with lots of dots, sewing, and little pictures of Minnie's adorable cat, Figaro (honestly why isn't there more Figaro merch??). Plus all the shirts are only $14.95, which is a total steal!

Happy return of the '90s, babes!

Minnie Shirt // Zara Mickey Shorts // Minnie Hat // Fanny Pack // Heart Eye Sunglasses // Mickey Hand Patch

Cinder-elly Bag

May 2, 2017

It is so amazing when two of your favorite things in this world come together to make something incredible! Cinderella is hands down my favorite classic Disney princess and, as many of you know, the live action version of the film is pretty much always playing in my apartment. The music, the dresses, the entire feel of the movie is just so dreamy and uplifting. 

Then there's the other half of this heavenly dynamic duo, Danielle Nicole Handbags. I already own their Tinker Belle bag (which seriously goes everywhere with me) and I love how fun and playful it is! I actually use my Tinker Belle bag as my everyday handbag and I am constantly getting stopped in the aisles of grocery stores as I'm buying my oatmeal (the kind that cooks in one minute because I have no patience) to ask where I got my bag! What is so amazing is that I get asked where I got my bag from people of all ages- both adults and kids- who love how whimsical and playful it is! 

So of course when I saw that my two favorites had created something so beautiful and spectacular as this Cinderella crossbody, I actually squealed with excitement! I screenshot the picture and sent it two my two best friends, Shelby and Chelsea, who immediately responded that they had made the perfect bag just for me! I loved pairing it with a girly pale blue romper that had little feminine touches on it that Cinderella herself would be proud to wear. The ruffle detail and the small flowers were the perfect amount of princess detailing. What I also love about this outfit is that you can dress it down for a day at the parks by throwing on some cute sandals or you can wear it out to dinner with friends by pairing it with some cute wedges like I did!

Always remember to Have Courage & Be Kind.

I got my romper from Marshall's, but here are some similar options:
Romper // Romper // Romper

Wildflower Child

All photos credit: Faison Anne Photography

Believe it or not, this year was actually my first time ever seeing Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival in person! I have always admired it from pictures, but as I quickly discovered, pictures simply do not do it justice! Everything about the festival is so beautiful and vibrant. All of the colors bring so much life to Epcot.

After seeing the festival in person for myself the first time, I could not wait to put together all kinds of bright and floral outfits so I could match the beauty all around me! This Unique Vintage Dress had the ideal balance of fun and flirty with the pink flowers and adorable heart cutout in the center (totally what sold me on it!). I paired it with the most perfect flower and garden festival ears from Floofy Arts that I received so many compliments on it was almost overwhelming! 

I was also lucky enough to have my best friend, Chelsea, from Styled By Magic alongside me to sip on violet lemonade and try deserts from every booth in Epcot!

Being a wildflower really is the most fun!  

Belle of the Brunch

May 1, 2017

One of the most exciting parts of a new Disney movie coming out is the accompanying release of new merch and clothing. And boy oh boy did the new live action Beauty & the Beast movie have some amazing collaborations and collections! While I thought the movie was alright (Cinderella is still my favorite live action Disney movie- actually it's my favorite movie of all time! I mean Richard Madden as Prince Charming- YES PLEASE!), I was so excited to see an influx of new Disney fashion! I swear I am seeing roses everywhere, even on things that are not necessarily Disney-related, and I can't help but think Beauty & the Beast had a liiiiiittle something to do with it.

One of my absolute favorite collections that was released in collaboration with the Beauty & the Beast movie was with the Australian brand MinkPink. I was lucky enough to be sent some of the items from the collection and I cannot tell you how excited I was! This outfit gave me total 70s vibes with a ringer tee and embroidered denim skirt that had slightly frayed edges. It was so comfortable to wear to brunch at the Grand Floridian with Sara from Dressed in Disney, who was also rocking a romper and denim jacket from the collection as well! The shirt was so incredibly soft and the skirt was the perfect length for running around hoping on rides at the parks! I also put a little Belle pin on the skirt just to add my own flair. I love collecting and trading pins in the parks and I feel like they add the perfect personal touch to any outfit! I also recorded a vlog of our brunch with a couple of helpful Disney tips in it as well! Now to drink some Enchanted Rosé!

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