Cinder-elly Bag

May 2, 2017

It is so amazing when two of your favorite things in this world come together to make something incredible! Cinderella is hands down my favorite classic Disney princess and, as many of you know, the live action version of the film is pretty much always playing in my apartment. The music, the dresses, the entire feel of the movie is just so dreamy and uplifting. 

Then there's the other half of this heavenly dynamic duo, Danielle Nicole Handbags. I already own their Tinker Belle bag (which seriously goes everywhere with me) and I love how fun and playful it is! I actually use my Tinker Belle bag as my everyday handbag and I am constantly getting stopped in the aisles of grocery stores as I'm buying my oatmeal (the kind that cooks in one minute because I have no patience) to ask where I got my bag! What is so amazing is that I get asked where I got my bag from people of all ages- both adults and kids- who love how whimsical and playful it is! 

So of course when I saw that my two favorites had created something so beautiful and spectacular as this Cinderella crossbody, I actually squealed with excitement! I screenshot the picture and sent it two my two best friends, Shelby and Chelsea, who immediately responded that they had made the perfect bag just for me! I loved pairing it with a girly pale blue romper that had little feminine touches on it that Cinderella herself would be proud to wear. The ruffle detail and the small flowers were the perfect amount of princess detailing. What I also love about this outfit is that you can dress it down for a day at the parks by throwing on some cute sandals or you can wear it out to dinner with friends by pairing it with some cute wedges like I did!

Always remember to Have Courage & Be Kind.

I got my romper from Marshall's, but here are some similar options:
Romper // Romper // Romper

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