Birthday Magic

July 25, 2018

Hiya friends!

So this past week was my 24th birthday and what better way to celebrate than going to Disney? I started off the day with a brunch with some of my closest friend at Boma. Boma is located inside Animal Kingdom Lodge and if you haven't been for breakfast the best advice I can give is- GO. Seriously this was HANDS DOWN the best breakfast I have ever had on property! It's a buffet style and they have Mickey and Simba waffles galore. There's also an entire desert table to help you get your park day started.

Then my friend Kola and I made our way to Magic Kingdom for a day full of classic fun. For my birthday, Kola bought me a Minnie balloon because I had never had one before and 24 just felt like the perfect age for it.

We spent over an hour walking up and down all of Main Street taking pictures. In the end we took over 200. Yes, you read that right. Although to be fair the above photos are about the only ones that turned out looking halfway decent. Turns out balloon photos are REALLY HARD. The wind was most certainly not our friend. Half of the pictures the balloon is completely whacking me in the face. 

What I learned: TAKE A MILLION PICTURES. It's that one picture that you snap in a group of 20 that will have the balloon facing the right direction and your eyes not too squinty or dress blowing up. 

The whole time we made sure to HAVE FUN with it. I cannot stress how important this is. It would have been so easy to get annoyed and fed up with how difficult it was to get cute pictures, but we would just stop and talk and flick back through all of the bad pictures and laugh at how awful they were. Don't get upset. Remember that you aren't a Jedi and you can't mind control a balloon to behave. (I tried)

After we had sufficiently worn out the fun of the balloon we decided it was time to move on to some rides. That and our faces had completely melted off because hello, it's July in Florida. So we found a little princess who we passed the balloon off to so she could make some magical memories of her own.

I cannot thank all of my friends for a completely perfect day and an amazing way to start off a new chapter in my life. Also special thank you to Kola for keeping it fun and light and capturing some of the most amazing moments for me!

-Love, Abby

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