Harvey's Sorcerer Mickey

December 4, 2018

Well in case you guys haven't heard, this year is Mickey's big 90th birthday! So many brands are getting in the spirit by coming out with new limited edition collections for the anniversary. Seriously y'all, there's never been a better time to be a Disney fan. One of my favorite releases is from Harvey's, who were kind enough to send me a couple things from their collection!

The new collection celebrates Mickey in one of his most iconic roles as the Sorcerer's Apprentice from the classic Fantasia movie. I am not kidding when I say I swooned over this entire collection! Although I have loved every Disney collection Harvey's has released, this one might be my favorite to date! I mean how can you not love how adorable Mickey is?

The t-shirt is going to be an item that I wear over and over again as it is so simple and timeless. I just love the retro/vintage vibes the ringer tee gives too! This shirt looks adorable paired with some laid back jeans or even with a cute girly skirt! The style of it is super versatile. And I have no joke worn this bag every single day since the day I opened the box. It is the perfect size for running around at the parks or simply running to Target! And I always love a crossbody bag to keep my hands nice and free for taking pictures or, let's be honest, eating lots of snacks. Plus can we talk about how cute it is with the matching wallet? I love when I pull out the wallet while checking out at a store and the cashier immediately begins complimenting it. (It's happened to me multiple times and it makes me smile every time!)

I hope you guys have been enjoying all of the Mickey merch that has been releasing for his birthday as well! Let me know what some of your favorite items have been so I can add them to my shopping cart!

And thank you ever so much to Harvey's  for sending me these items! I love them so incredibly much!

Sunny thoughts,

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